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About Lifelook

We first came up with the idea of Lifelook when trying to kit out our own Flat Project in Manchester. Frustrated by the lack of inexpensive furniture of good quality on the market, we realized something should be done to make changes and differences.

Our Vision

United by the yearning and pursuit of a better life, the team set about re-defining the process. Our strict requirements on materials and focus on experience at a fair price are believed to bring satisfaction to the people who matter most – you, our customers.

At Lifelook we offer refined furniture accessible and affordable, holding the idea that even a small place deserves to be treated well. Discover the beauty in every facet of life and make it less ordinary, we hope to present how the cosy house looks like, to touch the enjoyable lifestyle.

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Address : Unit22-26, Kay Street, Manchester, M11 2DU

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